New York
New York  Art at Site Stephen	Cox	London
Art made by Stephen Cox can merit New York.

Without doubt this momumental art reflects on essential meanings.

Your can find this art in London.

More art that express serious aspects will merit New York.

The number of statues (13% or 30 statues) makes you contemplate essential meanings or values; makes you serious. But this is comparable with Los Angeles (17%) but less then Berlin (35%).
Not many statues (9%) are made in a minimal style.

Like in most great cities: critical and humorous art will merit New York.

Only 3 pieces (1%) of the statues are humorous, while in San Francisco and Los Angeles this is the case in 4% and 7%.
Only a few pieces of art explicitly comment on accepted values in the society. This is the case of most statues in the cultural centres of the world.

More art that refer to etnical groups will make New York even more beautiful

Only 3% of the art refer to aspects of a etnical group while this subject is chosen in 12% and 28% in San Francisco and Los Angeles.
The number of proportion of figurative (67%) / conceptual (32%) art is comparable to London and San Francisco.
Not many locally renkwowned artists (10%) made the art while this is 25% in Los Angeles.
Many of the artwork is located in or near the centre of Manhattan.
The number of art (68%) without a clear specific subject is comparable to other great cities.

Key-words of the projects in New York: ethnic, critical, serious, humorous, explicit, located in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

34 pieces of art are chosen from Amsterdam, London, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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