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Mike Marcus

Mannequin Wearing Gas Mask

Soho, Chelsea
Mike Marcus is a conceptual street artist and photographer born in the UK and now working between London and Tel Aviv. He is best known for his iconic images of a mannequin wearing a gas maskwhich appeared in their thousands on the streets of London and New York during 2008. His photographic work has been exhibited in the Royal west of England Academy of the Arts and the Ben Ami Gallery, Israel. His street art has been featured in books such as ‘Street Art, The Graffiti Revolution’ by Cedar Lewisohn and magazines including TimeOut who labeled him as Israel’s answer to Banksy. Marcus’ commercial work has included commissions for Coca Cola, L’Oreal and Orange and eight feature film credits including “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, 2007” and “The Dark Knight, 2008”. Marcus’ art ranges from harshly political pieces such as the “CS” series where he exposed himself to tear gas and photographed the results to more subtle commentary on states of isolation within contemporary urban society. He often works in black and white and seamlessly uses digital image manipulation to keep the viewer questioning the nature of their observations. His practice spans “urban” and “fine” art, blatantly refusing to fit into a single genre.
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